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strong root Chong fertilization

strong root Chong fertilization

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The main components:
glycine betaine≥100g / L, 4-aminobutanoic acid≥10g / L EDTA (Fe, Zn) ≥20g / L
Appropriate amount of medicinal substances and natural active rooting agent
1, plant immunity and nutrition as one of the dual-function Chong fertilization.
2, the product add unique ingredients, plants can form effective antibodies to prevent bacterial and fungal diseases and other diseases;
3, can increase soil beneficial bacteria, inhibit nematodes, improve the soil; can increase the generation of crop capillary root so that crops grow strong.
1, improve crop immunity, reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases.
2, to improve soil microbial environment and promote the formation of beneficial bacteria at the root, can inhibit and kill nematodes.
3, a strong rooting effect. Chitooligosaccharides can significantly promote root cell differentiation, so that the rapid increase in capillary root, reduce dead roots, roots and decay roots.
4, flower and fruit preservation, coloring glitter, can reduce the incidence of falling flowers, falling fruit, melon, prevention and treatment of deformed fruit, improve fruit rate and commodity value.
1, with water facilities, pre-(vegetative growth) 5L / mu, late (reproductive growth) 5-10L / mu.
2, foliar spray, diluted 500-600 foliar spray. Suitable for field crops and fruit trees.
Applicable crops: vegetables, fruit trees, wheat, rice, cotton and other field crops

Product Specifications: 5L * 4 barrels / box 1L (vegetable type, rice type)