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Matrine kill vegetable pests

2018-02-07 19:22:07

Matrine kill vegetable pests

Matrine, natural plant-based pesticides, low toxicity to humans and animals, long duration, persistence 10-15 days. Insecticidal, acaricidal, and fungicides have some inhibition or killing effect, especially against Pieris rapae, Spodoptera litura, beet armyworm, aphids, thrips, green leafhopper, whitefly and so on, the effective rate above 95. Slightly less effective.


Control cabbage caterpillars, adult spawning in about 7 days after the peak, when the larvae in the 2-3 age when the pesticide application control, with 0.3% per acre Matrine agent 62-150 ml, add water 40-50 kg, or 1% bitter Alkaline alcohol solution 60-110 ml, add water 40-50 kg uniform spray, the effect is good for young larvae, 4-5 instar larvae poor sensitivity.

Control Plutella xylostella, with 0.5% matrine agent 600 times spray.

Prevent eggplant, leaf aphids, whiteflies, worms, worms, prophylaxis with 0.3% matrine 600-800 times liquid spray. Pest initial phase with 0.3% matrine agent 400-600 times spray, spray 5-7 days. Pest occurrence peak may be appropriate to increase the dose, spraying 3-5 days, for 2-3 times in a row, spray leaves should be back, the leaf surface evenly spray, especially leaves back.

Seed dressing

Control 蛴 螬, insects and other underground insects pests, leek maggots, per acre with marijuana powder 1.1-2.5 kg sprinkling or Article facilities, or seed dressing. Seed dressing treatment, the first wet seeds, 1 kg of vegetable seeds with 40% 1.1 grams of matrine powder mix, stacked for 2-4 hours after sowing.

Irrigation root

Root pest control underground pests, such as leek maggots, root nematodes, 0.3% matrine can be used 400 times liquid drenching or ditching and then pouring soil medicine. Or early leek maggots pesticide application, with 1.1% per acre powder marijuana 2-2.5 kg, add water 300-400 kg irrigation root. Adults in the glaucae or Onion species adult at the end of the period, and the victim was not seen in the field, with 1.1% per acre compound matrine powder 4 kg, the right amount of water diluted in the leek to the mouth, with pouring Water drops evenly, prevention and control leek maggots.

Note: Do not mix with alkaline drugs. Quickness is poor, we should do a good job forecasting insects, pest control in the early age of pesticides, medication time should be 2-3 days earlier than conventional chemical pesticides. When used should be fully and evenly spraying the whole plant. It is not advisable to apply before rainfall, and the rainfall should be sprayed again shortly after spraying. The best medication time is before 10:00 AM or after 5:00 PM. Used chemical pesticides 5 days before the drug can be administered. Dilution with the second dilution method, shake well, do not save diluted. Can not be used as a special fungicide.

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