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How to use pesticide correctly in spring

2018-02-16 19:20:21

Spring is the germination period of various pests and diseases of crops. During this period, the base number of pests and diseases is small and it is relatively easy to prevent and control. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in prevention and control of various pests and diseases in spring and to use pesticides accurately.
How to use pesticide properly? First, the right medicine. In the purchase of pesticides, to find out the object of prevention and treatment of both, to determine what to buy pesticides, can not follow the trend, with the crowd. Second, to avoid buying counterfeit drugs. Purchase pesticides to "look at the three", that is, a look at pesticide registration certificate, production license, pesticide standards, the four products permit certificate is complete; second pesticide packaging is intact; Third, Whether the emulsion is stratified, there is no precipitation agent. Also pay attention to the validity of pesticides. Three should be mixed. However, pesticides are prohibited from mixing in the following situations: pesticides that are easily degraded by alkaline substances and reduce their efficacy, or even failed, can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides. For example, phoxim, pyrethroid agents, etc. can not be mixed with the limestone agent, Bordeaux mixture and other alkaline agents; After mixing the pesticides have damaging effects on the emulsion can not be mixed. Such as organic sulfur and organic phosphorus pesticides can not be mixed with pesticides containing copper preparations. In addition, pay attention to pesticide use safety interval. Between the last spray and harvest must be greater than the safety interval to prevent human and animal poisoning

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