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What is biological pesticides (plant pesticides)

2017-11-06 19:26:38

In recent years, the application of biological pesticides in agricultural production has become more and more widespread. However, farmer friends still have many misunderstandings about biological pesticides. Some think that biological pesticides can be used against chemical pesticides after applying biological pesticides. Some think biological pesticides are ineffective and have poor visual effects. They are anxious Pest control farmers even feel ineffective; some farmers will be highly efficient biological agents BT and fungicides or acid mixed solution mix, making it lost control. The emergence of these situations are not conducive to the healthy and orderly promotion of biological pesticides. Therefore, only fully understanding of biological pesticides, in-depth understanding of biological pesticides, master the correct use of technology in order to give full play to the advantages of biological pesticides in agricultural production. First of all, to understand the content of biological pesticides. It includes microbial pesticides, biochemical pesticides, GMO pesticides, natural enemies of biological pesticides and plant-derived pesticides. Application of biological pesticides, one can kill a variety of pests and diseases; two can produce pollution-free green food; three can reduce the pollution of the environment and ensure the safety of humans and animals; four to protect natural enemies; However, bio-pesticides are only one of the components of pesticides. At present, they can not replace chemical pesticides. They need to be further developed to improve their application level. Second, to understand the mechanism of biological pesticides. Biological pesticides on the pest poisoning has a gradual process, such as high-efficiency BT, which first paralysis pest nerves, and then destroy the pest gut to death, takes 1 to 3 days; another such as insect viruses, the virus particles of nucleic acid into the pest , Take the parasites nutrition, resulting in disintegration of cell tissue death, takes 3 to 5 days; Jinggangmycin on the bacteria is easy to be absorbed by the cells of the cells, and in its rapid conduction, interference and inhibition of bacterial cell growth and development . Although the visual effects of biopesticides are slower than those of chemical pesticides, they can inhibit the pest and disease damage functions, or exist in name only. Therefore, they must be rationally applied according to the characteristics of these pesticides. Again, the correct application of biological pesticides. First, strictly according to the forecast of pest and disease occurrence of the local plant protection department, a few days ahead of schedule; Second, strictly in accordance with the application dose, not free to increase or decrease the application concentration; Third, in order to improve control and safety performance, with some low toxicity Pesticides mixed to minimize the harm of highly toxic pesticides, but efficient BT ban mixed with fungicides and acid mixed solution can not be applied in the mulberry; Fourth, can not let biological pesticide exposure or damp; Fifth choice sunny afternoon or cloudy Medication, medicine after the rain, to re-spray once. At present, the shortcomings of chemical pesticides are increasingly prominent. Excessive application of chemical pesticides not only increases the amount of pesticide residues, but also increases the resistance to pests and soil, water and ecological environment pollution. In order to ensure the quality of agricultural products and protect the ecological environment, bio-pesticides with high efficiency, broad spectrum, safety, non-toxic and pollution-free will become the main direction for the development of pesticide industry in the future.

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